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I am a hunter and hiker also. Most of the places I go it isn't bears, but cougars I worry about. Cougars are more cunning, and while they don't stalk humans often they are very capable of doing so.

I work as an engineer with all sorts of people. Most of the line guys are conservative (or redneck), but many of the managers are not. One cornered me and asked what I would do if they sent cops to my house to grab my rifles.

When I said "The cops had better wonder what the line guys will do once they see Jack's body".

Cops I know have stated that they will follow the order. These are family that I grew up with, and have known all my life. However, in private, more than one said they would turn in their badge and start running if it got to that.

The grabbers have to know that it won't go well. As an engineer, I keep getting back to logistics. Either someone is a very silly bugger, or there is a plan with resource applied to it.

However, my blind spot may be that I am assuming that they are not just silly buggers.
2018-04-09 13:18:53