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User Info All Gun-Banners MUST Be Forced To Answer This; entered at 2018-04-09 12:09:52
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@Redjack -- the cops may be, in many cases, crazy but they are not stupid.

They understand that the bluster of taking a legal weapon and declaring possession of it a criminal act is one thing, but the first time someone says "NO!" the cops have to either admit the "law" is no such thing OR SHOOT.

They know this as it's true for EVERY law they enforce. When you get pulled over for speeding if you refuse to stop the escalation will end up with them shooting -- same deal. It's only because you say "YES" that it doesn't go there.

Well, there's a problem with that -- once you shoot the FIRST person then all the others who ALSO will say "NO" have a decision to make. They either change their minds to "YES" or they are all dead men walking.

Consider a hunter going out in the morning to hunt lion -- or bear. The lion or bear has teeth and claws, plenty lethal, but only at very close range. The hunter can shoot said animal at 100+ yds easily, long before it can close the distance and use its weapons.

Lions are cats, and cats are pretty smart. Bears are, well, bears -- but they're also quite smart. They learn how to open boxes, if they can, to get at food and they will climb trees to get at a hung food bag too -- but they are also smart enough not to step on a branch that can't support their weight. Indeed a mama bear will send her cub out on a branch to get your food bag! If you've ever been out in the woods you know that these animals are NOT STUPID. But they're not smart enough. They are unable to produce out-of-scope thought.

What if that wasn't true?

What if a lion or bear, coming upon a tent at 2:30 in the morning and hearing a snoring human inside was able to think out-of-scope? In other words said animal was able to use his superior sense of smell and detect the probability that inside the tent was not just a stinky, sleeping human (which he really doesn't want to eat since humans are carnivores; he'd rather eat a gazelle as they're herbivores and herbivores taste better) but a stinky, sleeping human WITH A RIFLE intending to hunt and KILL said animal AS SOON AS HE WAKES UP.

What do you think the Lion or Bear would do if it could make the mental connection between a sleeping human and, a few hours later, being shot by said currently-sleeping AND DEFENSELESS human?

I can and do go hike in the mountains all over the place and sleep in a tent without having to post a continual watch with the "watcher-stander" armed with night-vision AND a rifle because the bears, who DO know I'm out there -- they can smell me from a mile or more away, are incapable of perceiving that SOME humans will shoot and kill them. If they were able to actually THINK they wouldn't just try to steal my food -- they'd eat ME in the middle of the night instead.


This is why despite NY State cops knowing damn well who has "prohibited" guns - hell, many owners ANNOUNCED it at town hall meetings during the time, some of which were recorded in the media, and being able to trivially discover not only the ones they know about BUT A COMPLETE LIST through a simple raid on the gun stores and perusing the 4473s should they choose to they haven't done ANY such thing.

They know that the VERY FIRST such raid of an otherwise-peaceful individual turns the bluster of Bloomberg and Cuomo into not only a statement of intent but an act in furtherance of mass-murder and irrefutable proof that they will commit as many of those murders as they can.

Down that road lies madness, they know it, and they also know that once you go down that road you may not be able to come back from it either.

This is how those who believe in the 2nd Amendment win -- we make the gun banners explicitly acknowledge that their position is one of advocacy and willingness to murder millions to achieve a political goal, we shove it down their throats relentlessly and we demand that any organization or person with political or commercial ties to same also "own" the TRUTH of the position they are backing.

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2018-04-09 12:09:52