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User Info All Gun-Banners MUST Be Forced To Answer This; entered at 2018-04-09 11:58:00
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The thing no hoplophobe will admit to is that those murders you are talking about will NOT be one sided.

Once word gets out that confiscation raids are going down (and word WILL get out), some even smaller number of gun owners WILL enact plans they have made before hand to take 100 heads:

The correct question to ask is, "How many city, county, and state level politicians, newspaper reporters, and mid level government bureaucrats are you willing to see killed?"

There are FAR fewer of those than there are police, and the police can't protect them all.

It is this sort of logic that is staying the hand of New York and Connecticut (who also passed an AWB, and who is also having massive non-compliance.) New York also has the problem of upstate Sheriffs refusing to enforce the SAFE act:
2018-04-09 11:58:00