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User Info They Don't Intend Anything Evil..... Pinky-Promise.; entered at 2018-04-07 13:37:08
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The sheep are ignorant of history and have been well conditioned with the "that can't happen here" type of arrogance that will hopefully be useful to future historians.

You forget it is the victors that get to write/rewrite history. These people are already rewriting and reframing the founding of America. They rewrite and reframe the very Constitution and BoR used to found this country by failing to use the meanings of words as they existed at the time of the founding. But it is the laziness of the people and the lack of vigilance to guard those freedoms that have led to the sorry state of affairs.

In 20 years (or less) shall we be remembered as obstructionist that had to be removed in the Great Purging to enable their modern day? Most will not care as the are entertained in their VR while later going to their slave jobs where they have no freedoms. Selfishness and self-centeredness will further abound. There will be a greater and greater divide among humanity. The only good news is that such systems never can permanently sustain themselves.They are toxic to their own exisence. May their lives of those that stood by idly and those that created this sad new world truly become a daily living hell.

Freedom is slavery. Collectivism is independence. Death is life. Ignorance is strength.

2018-04-07 13:37:08