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User Info They Don't Intend Anything Evil..... Pinky-Promise.; entered at 2018-04-07 12:08:03
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WHEREAS, the corporate authorities of the Village of Deerfield find that assault weapons are dangerous and unusual weapons which are commonly associated with military or antipersonnel use, capable of a rapid rate of fire, have the capacity to fire a large number of rounds due to large capacity fixed magazines or the ability to use detachable magazines, present unique dangers to law enforcement, and are easily customizable to become even more dangerous weapons of mass casualties and destruction; and....

These geniuses just destroyed their own arguments. These are not MILITARY grade or assault weapons. Like typical libards they don't even understand the differences. Of course they depend on an ignorant public to further push this down the public's throat.

BTW ever see a real weapon that wasn't "dangerous"? That's the whole premise of a weapon. If it posed no danger then no immininent threat would result. It is meant to inflict harm even through deadly force if needed.

Are weapons they claim to exist really so unusual? If they are so unusual why would they demand an entire city turn them in? Seems like they would be "quite common" to me if they insisted for a city wide confiscation.

Time to pay a visit to the self-declared dictators hiding behind the title of "corporate authorities."

Such "authority" only exist by the force of a gun. One had better damned well possess the counterargument. To hell with Illinois to start. I have little sympathy for anyone that would be anywhere near that Chicago ****-hole.

Alex, I'll take ..What the number of bullets I can buy for $1000.00 please.

Personally I think this is simply a cover to set up a gun registry. They propose something so offensive that the secondary alternative is then deemed "reasonable" when it is most certainly not.

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