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User Info They Don't Intend Anything Evil..... Pinky-Promise.; entered at 2018-04-07 11:20:20
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a close subset of my family did not join those of us who were here, but stayed in touch for over two centuries. they were European and felt a connection to their community and culture as we did here. after WWII they came to live here having lost all connections to their native land, refugees with culture and dignity. the long sleeves covered more than the numbers on the arms as the shirts and dresses hid the scars of the incessant torture and beatings. none of them or their neighbors would turncoat on their community or other good people. the one thing that they wished that they did collectively was to turn on the oppressors and sustain the human losses more quickly and effectively. in their words this would have stopped the tragedy and many of the other tragedies of the time in that the evil would not have been able to creep up on the communities while life seemed somewhat normal, then people holding onto normal, people wishing for the return of normal and finally forgetting what was normal.

they appreciated the states for the humanity of the people and warned to never allow the subtle encroachment of evil tyranny. in their words the leadership must fear the people as an army and seek to lead with consequences to the leadership. this and in addition they felt that leadership and the wealthy had a higher duty to serve born out of the ancient and very recent for them understanding that rulers and lords went into the battle as an obligation, a duty. lower strata people could actually earn title and maintain it by entering battle. this aristocratic duty was in place as late as WWI.

their take was that the citizen soldier of the USA was only workable if he was a lord in his own right, able to own his land outright and, or at least, lord of his wealth, in possession of weapons of his choice and never subject to the whim of a ruling class as he was given the same duty and obligations as they. the first two reject land, property tax and income tax as the first two are rightfully called rent which was what serfs paid to the lord and king. if every man is a lord with the obligations of a lord, he only pays to himself (In Anglo law property taxes are called rent outside of the USA and your land deed refers to you as a tenant in all Anglo states. If we are serfs who only rent what we use, let the ruling class fight the battles.). The weaponry they reminded us was to let any tyrant know who was really in charge.

they lived something and consequently had an innate sense to see it coming here. much like my older Russian immigrant friends figured out the coming police state in the early 1990's and what the Bush II and Obama eras meant for the country. it was familiar as they experienced it firsthand. the data tyranny that we rail against here, they were seriously warning about in the 1980's.

it is nothing new. only the tools have changed and become more efficient and brutal. it will creep up on people and once again the killing will start. no one knows the mechanism or what will be the prelude or the geopolitical events that will be concurrent, only that it is a fact. it is a fact that human nature does this and is easily distracted during times of prosperity to ignore the serious variables, align with powerful and wealth generating interests and maintain the normalcy bias until it is too late.

the armed citizenry is only a last saving device when people have the cold realization about what has crept up upon them and there is no other option. it is a get-out-of jail card, weapon of mass destruction, doomsday device that keeps any tyrant and supporting system aware of the fact that law and consequences can only govern a few of the citizens not the majority and all order is at the whim of those governed.
2018-04-07 11:20:20