Go Ahead And Do It Tomorrow Kids: You're BlackBalled
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2018-03-13 15:30 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 340 references Ignore this thread
Go Ahead And Do It Tomorrow Kids: You're BlackBalled
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Go right ahead and walk out of class or "demonstrate" in the Capitol.

Make sure you get on TeeVee.  Get your picture taken.  Post it on social media; you know you will.

You'll be identified forever; nothing that goes up on the Internet ever truly disappears.

Next year, when Obamacare's mandate is gone, I am looking to stand up an entrepreneurial opportunity.  Maybe someone will buy my home control software wholesale first, but if not, well, I may market it.

You'll never work for me or any part of any firm I control.  Nor will I ever buy anything from any company that hires you.  If I see you in such a business or same identifies as "sympathetic", they're done.  If you apply for a job, into the round file your resume goes.

You can't walk this one back either.  You can't disavow it later.  You support what Governor Scott just did here, which is to make it illegal for 18-20 year old women to protect themselves with a firearm from a rapist.

There are a hell of a lot more rapes than there are murders, and of those murders only about 100 are committed every year with the weapons you wish to ban.  For the abuse of 0.0033% of said weapons you demand that thousands of rapes go undeterred each and every year, forever.

In a word, no.

You're free to speak as you wish.  That's the First Amendment.  But the same First Amendment protects my right to associate -- or not -- with your words and your person.  I choose not, and extend that to everyone who you associate with.

This has already cost REI a couple thousand a year in spending by myself -- roughly what I spent last year there, and won't this year or ever again, and all they did was drop a manufacturer because they also owned a gunmaker.

That's $2,000 times however many people think the same way I do that company will never make again.  If it's a thousand people that's $2 million they're forfeiting.  What if it's 10,000 people?  What if it's even more?

Go ahead and do it.  You're going to find out quite-rapidly that people like me think promoting the rape of young women, which is exactly what you're doing with these policies, is going to get one hell of a lot of pushback -- considering that I have raised a young women who (thankfully) has just passed the age of your "rape victim enhancement act" effects.

You can never walk back what you intended to do to her.


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