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User Info NASTY CPI Print; entered at 2018-03-13 13:01:30
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Registered: 2009-06-03 East of Sheol
I had Donegal here. I received some survey about 4 months before renewal demanding I fill it out and return in one week. Well I was on vacation for 2 weeks at the time.

Got nasty notice when I got back insurance would not be renewed.

Survey had one question different than last time regarding Uber and Lyft.They raised the insurance about 20% regardless. I ended up dropping one of my vehicles and will likely sell.

I've renewed through Progressive. Better services but still not cheap. I have not filed a claim in over 25 years and this is the best Donegal could treat anybody?

I told Donegal to pound sand. They severely underestimated their customers and their customer's options. When I made a final call To Donegal to get my last insurance information they asked me if this was regarding my threat to cancel service. Lol.... what do you think I said.
2018-03-13 13:01:30