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User Info NASTY CPI Print; entered at 2018-03-13 10:07:23
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Registered: 2018-03-13

-Rising medical costs
-Cheap money, facilitating more people buying/leasing more expensive vehicles, thus more expensive insurance
-more gaming the insurance (fraud)? anecdotal accounts abound of illegals and others staging "accidents" and getting "pain" (rear enders, etc.)
-cash for clunkers... less cheap used cars? not sure on this
-consolodation of power... and they can drive prices. Who owns the insurance companies?

One major irritation for me is not allocating costs where they are incurred. If something costs money, don't pay for it from somewhere else. If immigrants are causing wrecks at a higher rate, charge that group a higher premium, not everyone.

Same with roads. Big rigs cause a ton of damage with their loads. They should pay a proportionate amount of the cost of fixing/maintaining the roads- THEN we would know the true cost of delivery and could make informed decisions about rail, roads, waterways (the cheapest option for $/lb/mile for goods delivered), but when the true costs are hidden and spread... trucking looks cheap...

2018-03-13 10:07:23