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User Info Hmmm......; entered at 2018-03-08 10:37:47
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there is a contingent of the younger conservatives online who are openly rejecting our current concept of a democratic republic in even its original form. they are calling for a return to aristocracy and in some cases monarchy. a good percentage of them are also into the return of masculinity and Trump seems to check all of their boxes as an "Alpha" male. he has done this for older generations in the past as frustrated males get off on him living as they wish that they could. this is a large part of his appeal. a good percentage of his current apologists are forties and younger and use any type of twisted logic to justify anything that he does, even among the more intelligent of them. this is a cult of personality and could be considered dangerous under the right conditions. did Trump engineer this, no, he is a natural who is spoilt by his life experience. he could do and say whatever he wished in the past because there was no cost to ****ing up literally and figuratively. this is the fantasy life for many males who feel dispossessed in our messed up society. his wealth is also where a lot of dictators are born as historically many of them had unearned and otherwise cushy lifestyles. a lot of our left wing politicos elected and otherwise come from unearned wealth and lack of hard work. Trump is thus a classic new york liberal. he once said when the govt was bailing out the FIRE economy that if this is socialism, he kind of liked it. his family's fortunes owe considerably to govt spending and his own to bad monetary and govt policy. he is a socialist authoritarian and sometimes conservatives confuse the latter with a return to the way things ought to be. under specific conditions this can go wrong, but we are not there and probably will not under his term(s).
2018-03-08 10:37:47