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This is what we get for putting a reality teevee personality in the White House. Some insights on his "performances" and his approval seekingfrom an NPR Morning Edition story today:

The president's apparent willingness to bypass due process got people talking though before long White House aides spread the word that Trump was really just trying to provoke an exchange of ideas. Or put another way: trying to make good television.

And this is where the familiarity comes in for former Apprentice producer Pruitt. He says right before the boardroom sessions, Trump would come into the control room to talk to the producers.

"He'd reach over to the craft service table and scoop up a fistfull of M&Ms and go, 'Who should I fire?'," Pruitt remembers.....

....But left to his own devices in the boardroom, Trump sometimes went in an entirely different direction.

"And I can imagine that just like the producers whose individual episodes were playing out in that board room, there's some policy advisor sitting off in the wings way off camera who's been prompting and prepping Mr. Trump to have a certain line of questioning, a certain line of dialogue go down in a certain way and it just goes off the rails," Pruitt says.

Whole story here:
2018-03-08 09:13:45