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User Info Hmmm......; entered at 2018-03-08 08:04:57
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IMO this is as good as it gets for Trump.

The market likely dives this year hard, the Dems take the Congress and endlessly attempt impeachment, and the 10 Yr rates make a good run at their reversion to the mean which crushes everything - pensions, commods, debt levels etc.

Trump has only one modus operandi - when in doubt open your mouth and bloviate - and to be clear I like the guy in comparison to what could have happened had he lost.

I think things get seriously bad from here on out - and I think Trump is only going to make one mistake after another for the rest of his term which has a high probability of not making another 3 years much less getting re-elected.

Margin call, gentlemen, for all of us.

2018-03-08 08:04:57