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2018-03-03 14:15 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 178 references Ignore this thread
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Folks, cut the crap.

"Gun control" laws do not work.


James Eric Davis, 19, was apprehended just after midnight Saturday, an officer with Mount Pleasant Public Safety told Detroit's Fox 2.

1. You must be 21 to buy a pistol or ammunition for it.  Those people arguing for doing the same for long guns have just had their argument demolished.  This kid was unable to legally buy said pistol, yet he obviously got one and used it, along with the ammunition.  He therefore obtained both illegally.

2. He was in Michigan.  Michigan requires that you register pistols and acquire a pre-purchase license which is only good for 30 days (that is, you get the license, you buy the gun, then you return the executed copy to the cops.)  You obviously can't register a pistol you can't legally own nor can you get the cops to give you a license to do an illegal thing.  Therefore, quite-obviously, registering guns does not work.

3. He was from Plainfield, IL; that is, his lawful residence was likely in the state of Illinois.  Illinois requires a FOID card (state license) to purchase any firearm or ammunition.  Not only could he not buy a pistol in Illinois legally as he was not 21 he couldn't buy any sort of gun or ammunition without an FOID card, which I suspect it is fair to believe he did not have.  In addition it is already illegal to buy a pistol in other than your state of legal residence irrespective of age.  Therefore registering people doesn't work either.

Now it comes out that the gun was his Dad's.  In other words, he stole it as I think we can reasonably assume that his father, who was a cop, didn't give it to him.  In addition he was photographed by surveillance cameras waving it around before going inside and shooting his parents so he didn't grab it off his father and immediately shoot him with it.

This individual decided to murder his parents (illegal, obviously) and none of the laws that gun-banners wish to impose on people nationally, such as making all firearms restricted to 21 and over, nor the existing laws that barred him from legally acquiring both a pistol and the ammunition for it stopped him from getting said gun and ammunition and, obviously, using it to commit two murders.

So the law-abiding police officer and his wife are both dead, murdered with a stolen firearm. I remind you that an utterly huge percentage of gun homicides (the majority by far) are committed with stolen weapons, often with their serial numbers ground off (which means they were not only stolen they were typically sold on the black market -- the purpose of grinding off the serial number, of course, is so you can't trace them back to their original lawful owner and if caught with it you can't be charged with stealing it.... and which, incidentally, is why mere possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number was made a distinct offense.)

The evidence is clear, convincing, and beyond all doubt -- gun laws do not work and, if faced with someone who has chosen to arm themselves and attempt to murder you you have mere seconds, if that, to offer meaningful, armed defense or there is a high probability you will be dead.

Reports are that the 19 year old murdered his parents after return from the hospital on a "drug-related issue."  Odds are that was an overdose of some sort, it was just before spring break, and I suspect his parents had just told him they were cutting off their subsidization of his attendance at said school, likely due to his choice to use drugs -- thus prompting him to kill both.  There's no real way around this folks -- if someone is willing to murder their parents then quite-obviously passing laws will do nothing; only someone willing and able to offer immediate armed resistance is going to change the outcome.

This is also why posting armed guards is only a half-answer.  You just told the thug who to shoot first -- unless there's more than one, of course.  But if many people are armed in the immediate vicinity, with the thug having no idea who is and who isn't, then suddenly the odds don't look so good for him as there's a very good chance someone who is armed will be either to the side or behind him where he cannot see, and as soon as he draws his weapon that person can stop him or her.

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