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User Info Why? Go Look In The Mirror.; entered at 2018-03-01 18:57:10
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You are dead right.

Last weekend I was out to lunch with a couple friends who had moved out of Chicago a few years ago. They were talking about how the road construction contractors would tear up the pavement to expose all the manhole covers, and then walk off the job to extort more money from the city.

"Every last one of them should have been rounded up and tossed in jail," I said.

"Well, they were probably mob."

"Don't care; JAIL."

"Well, the city was probably in on a cut too!"

"Yes, and every one of them should have been rounded up, thrown in jail, and stripped of all benefits and pension."

I swear, they just looked at me like I wasn't speaking English. I don't know if it is because we are so used to getting beaten down and taken advantage of that many have lost the ability totally to even process the concept of rule of law, or what, but people really are accepting of this kind of thing.
2018-03-01 18:57:10