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User Info Why? Go Look In The Mirror.; entered at 2018-03-01 14:50:16
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"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." - Thoreau

The above observation has been true at least as far back as written history records.

The issues we face today are basically the same as they were when Socrates walked the Earth. Human nature hasn't changed; it's technology that's changed and made life more complicated. These extra levels of complexity only mean that instead of a thousand to one there are probably ten thousand hacking at the branches for every one who is chopping at the root...

Chopping at the root of the problem would mean completely shuttering the Department of Education and ending all federal funding of public schools.

Chopping at the root of the problem would mean completely repealing tens of thousands of unconstitutional gun "laws".

Chopping at the root of the problem would mean completely changing the diet and exercise ( or lack thereof) habits of tens of millions of Americans.

Chopping at the root of the problem would mean Trump deporting tens of millions of foreigners like President Eisenhower did during "Operation Wetback" when over one million were sent back home to Mexico where they belonged.

Chopping at the root would be teaching children gun safety and not disarming or restricting 18 yr olds from buying a gun.

Chopping at the root always means less government, less taxes, less government spending, not more....

But less is not what we are going to get. I only expect more collectivism, more abridgment, higher hospital bills, longer lines, a longer wait and more and more cowards.

By the way, I'm still happily sitting on the sidelines watching the stock and bond markets... And it's quite a show to watch...
2018-03-01 14:50:16