Junk All State Legislatures - And Congress + Cops
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2018-02-28 08:25 by Karl Denninger
in Health Reform , 148 references Ignore this thread
Junk All State Legislatures - And Congress + Cops
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Only free-standing ERs?

Lawmakers at the state Capitol appear poised to require free-standing emergency rooms to provide more information to patients regarding costs.

A bill by State Sen. John Kefalos, a Democrat, and State Sen. Jim Smallwood, a Republican, advanced Tuesday in the State Senate Finance Committee.


They also would require the sites to tell the patients the costs of their top 25 most common procedures before going ahead with treatment unless it is classified as a severe emergency.

This would be in Colorado.

So why isn't every medical and other practice required to tell you up front what the treatment and procedure cost will be?

Aren't you required to be given an estimate before the garage works on your car?  You are.

Aren't you required to be given an estimate before the computer guy works on your computer?  You are.

Aren't you required to be given an estimate before your roof is fixed?  You are.

So why not here?

And further, why hasn't the Colorado Hospital Association backed this in a full-throated fashion?

Simple: They are not interested in being unable to rip you off.

That, by the way, should get them -- and all the hospitals and doctors -- charged with Racketeering.

And if they aren't, and if the lawmakers will not fix this and the cops will not enforce said laws then exactly why should you pay any taxes, why should you obey any laws, and why should you so much as be willing to sell such a lawmaker or cop a single gallon of gasoline, a pound of hamburger or a single orange?

The schemes in this space steal over three trillion a year from Americans.

Why do you allow it to continue, America?

Isn't it as simple as "you must post a price, and everyone gets charged the same price"?

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