The Insanity Of The Left And Its New Spokesman
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2018-02-26 07:39 by Karl Denninger
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The Insanity Of The Left And Its New Spokesman
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From The Hill:

Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg on deputy who did not enter school during shooting: "Who wants to go down the barrel of an AR-15, even with a glock? And I know that's what these police officers are supposed to do, but they're people too."

So, media-annointed Mr. Spokesman, who "magically" got a checkmark on Twitter too all of a sudden, has decided that it's perfectly-acceptable to virtue signal when people fail to do the job they're hired to do.

Does anyone want to stare down the barrel of a firearm?  Of course not.  However, we hire some people to do exactly that, and we give them both guns and body armor to make it a somewhat more-reasonable fight if they are called upon to do so.

Let me point out that nobody is drafted into a copshop.  People have been drafted to go to war.  Today we don't, but David Hogg didn't live in a world where that could reasonably happen whereas I did; when I turned 18 the memory of people being drafted to go fight in Vietnam was still there and I still registered as required on my birthday.  Did I like the idea of being conscripted?  No, but if I had been I would have fought.

However, just like police officers, today many voluntarily join the military.  Indeed, some of Hogg's classmates have joined the military on a deferred basis even though too young to enlist.  We call them JROTC, and some are in Hogg's class.  Those people all know that when they go through ROTC after becoming of age to get the benefits thereof they will be required to serve.  All persons who wear the uniform of the armed forces may be called to fight, and that fight might get personal at some point in their military career, with them being shot at and needing to return fire in an attempt to avoid dying.

If you take upon yourself a job that has a known and agreed-upon risk of having to stare down a person who is using a firearm in an aggressive manner and who might seek to shoot you then you have voluntarily taken that up in exchange for money.  If you fail to perform and other people die then in the military you can and will be charged under the UCMJ for cowardice before the enemy.

We absolutely must demand the same standard of cops; not only do they get a far more-cushy deal while employed they get a hell of a lot better deal in retirement than most military members do as well!

Indeed, why hasn't the media turned one of those ROTC kids into a spokesman?  Oh wait - they tried to "flip" one and tamper with his questions and statement, and he told them (CNN) to **** off.  Good for him.  Notice how that story is being given the wall treatment and the media is lying about what they did?

Never mind that those who claim that you "can't" stop a bad guy with a rifle if all you have is a pistol are full of crap.  You do remember the shooting at the ball field, right?  Politicians gunned down by a guy with an SKS (rifle), taken out by cops with.... pistols.  Oh, and that shooter was outdoors where he had tactical advantage that disappears and in fact becomes negative inside, with one of the most-profound differences being that if you fire a rifle indoors without hearing protection you're not going to hear anything for hours including the cop who now can close distance to you without you hearing him coming.

Mr. Hogg, **** off.  You are making apologies for, it appears, not just one but four cowards.  Further, you are making said apologies while said coward is using the power of his former office to evade mere questions from the media using armed thugs patrolling his house -- in fact there are many more armed officers protecting him from mere speech than your county could be bothered to put in your school despite a very-specific threat by Cruz to shoot it up.

The cowards of Broward must not only be forced from office they must be criminally charged.

Specifically, it appears that one or more of them is guilty of violating a felony Florida Statute, specifically 838.022, which declares that it is a felony to conceal, cover up, destroy, mutilate or alter any official record or document.  Said corruption and felony may extend to members of the Palm Beach Sheriff's office as well.

These members of the so-called "Sheriffs office" would appear to have deliberately covered up that Cruz appears to have committed felonies that had been reported to them and were intentionally ignored, thereby concealing same.

It certainly appears they had a legal duty to refer said events for prosecution and did not do so intentionally.

Then, faced with the need to do their job and interdict said shooter they instead cowered outside.

There is no need for a Sheriff's Office nor any of the expenditures of taxpayer money for same if they're not going to do the damned jobs when the flag goes up.

Oh by the way Mr. Hogg, even the leftist media are starting to turn on the Sheriff.  You're next, and I'm not the only one that's after you.  Public opinion is a funny thing, and if you think those who have twisted facts and outright lied are going to quietly slither away into the night... you're wrong.

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