Flat-out Unlawful Acts of LOCAL Cops
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2018-02-25 08:49 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 197 references Ignore this thread
Flat-out Unlawful Acts of LOCAL Cops
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This ought to result in felony criminal indictments.

CRESTVIEW — The Crestview Police Department announced Tuesday it will roll out a program offering pizza to safe drivers. The program originally involved pulling over drivers and offering a certificate for a free pizza. Following social media criticism the department removed the traffic-stop component.

The police cannot detain someone without reasonable belief they have committed some sort of infraction (or worse.)  In the context of driving you cannot be stopped unless an officer has reason to believe you have committed (at least) a traffic violation.

Detention, even momentary, without said reasonable and specific suspicion is unlawful and since the police will be asking for documents and looking in your vehicle it is also a search.  A brief search, but a search nonetheless and the cops say that if they observe anything illegal you'll be subject to citation or arrest.

“If you don’t want to participate in the program, if everything checks out, you’re free to go,” Taylor said. “But who wants to pass up a free pizza?”

You have no right to "check me out" without cause to believe I have violated at least a traffic ordinance.

Not only am I not interested in your pizza since I eat low-carb I'll make this clear and public right now: If you pull me over without cause the encounter will be filmed on both my dashcam and cellphone and I will come after your department and your officer personally for violating my Constitutional Rights.  Since you apparently will flat-out tell me you had no reason to pull me over in the first place I'll happily take a year (or more) worth of earnings from your City Budget by suing the crap out of you for that unlawful act.

An "alleged" law-enforcement entity that engages in flat-out unconstitutional acts are not in fact cops -- they're pigs, thugs and operating a criminal enterprise while backing up their criminal behavior with guns.

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