We Only Have One Cop....
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2018-02-23 09:02 by Karl Denninger
in Corruption , 729 references Ignore this thread
We Only Have One Cop....
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... for your school but we have six armed officers who will guard a coward's house 24x7 so he doesn't have to answer questions from the media:

We sent @BrianEntin to BSO Deputy Scot Peterson’s Boynton Beach home to try and talk to him about his resignation today. Were met by 6 @PBCountySheriff deputies standing guard outside his home. They prevented us from approaching the house. pic.twitter.com/1QPlmeHtqb

So, students and parents at Parkland, along with anyone else, let's see if I get this right.

This specific officer knew about Cruz's intentions as he was alerted about a prior call to the Sheriff's Office stating that Cruz intended to shoot up a school -- in 2016.  He did nothing.

When Cruz did shoot up the school said officer cowered outside, despite being armed and able to offer effective resistance to the attack.  He sat outside hiding for four minutes while Cruz slaughtered the kids inside, hearing not only the gunshots but, I'm sure, the screams.

When suspended he retired and is going to be allowed to draw his pension instead of being criminally charged and forfeiting his pension and retirement benefits, despite the proximate cause of his "retirement" being an attempt to evade an investigation of his conduct.

And now, having done all this, the Palm Beach Sheriff's Office (and the Broward Sheriff's Office) can find only one cop with a gun for a school but six cops with guns to stand guard over this assclown's house and barricade it against anyone approaching it or him.

Oh, and not barricade it just against people with weapons who intend to do him harm either -- they have also barricaded it against a news crew armed only with cameras so this ******* doesn't have to actually face the public about his outrageous conduct.

This is no longer about just Broward County's sheriff office -- it now extends to Palm Beach as well as they have willfully and intentionally joined the cowards and intentional misconduct of both the FBI and Broward County.

Tell me, parents and students, when you're going to recognize that those 17 people are dead because of direct, intentional malfeasance and willful misconduct by the police.

And finally, next question: Are you going to obey any "gun law", now or ever in the future, when it's clear that the only person who will protect you and your children is..... you?

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