Now We Get More On Malfeasance
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2018-02-23 08:13 by Karl Denninger
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Now We Get More On Malfeasance
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JUST IN: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School resource officer resigns from Broward County Sheriff Department; disciplined for not attempting to engage shooter, staying outside building where rampage occurred - sheriff

So the Deputy who was assigned to the school never went inside the building where the shooter was and, contrary to the original reports, did have the opportunity to do so.  After being disciplined said person quit.

Oh, and it appears, he gets to "quit" with his retirement intact.  Isn't that special?  17 people dead, he had the opportunity to interdict the shooter and sat outside for 4 minutes instead of doing so.  For this he gets to retire with full benefits and the people of Broward County are going to sit for this, including all the kids who are "protesting."  Never mind the Sheriff himself who is currently refusing to release the video of this guy sitting on his ass outside.

It gets worse; there are reports floating around that one of the reports to the Sheriff's office in the years and months before the shooting involved Cruz putting a gun to someone else's head.  That's felony assault and, obviously, he was not arrested for it.  If this holds up Sheriff Israel and any deputy involved in those calls needs to be indicted as an accessory to 17 murders as there is absolutely no longer any question as to whether he had not only an opportunity (in the dozens of calls to Cruz's household in the intervening years) but he had a factual legal duty to arrest.  May I remind you that under Florida's long-standing "10-20-Life" law a felony assault with a firearm is a 10 year, serve-every-day offense, and had Cruz been arrested for it he couldn't have shot up the school as he would have been in prison.

Third, and just as bad, apparently the school's "security cameras" were on a 20 minute delay!  What sort of damned imbecile has a security camera system with a built-in 20 minute delay for viewing when used for actual security?  Hell, I have cameras here in my home and I can view them securely from literally anywhere in real time over an encrypted link.   That's flat-out unconscionable; everyone involved in that decision, including the Principal, needs to be instantly fired -- and no damned pensions either.

Then there are the multiple tips that the Sheriff's Office had as well -- and also didn't follow up on, one of which was specifically about not only suicide but shooting up a school.  Incidentally, this is the "rage monster" pattern writ large -- was Cruz on SSRIs?  I was having doubts but this account has pretty-much erased that.

We already knew the FBI deliberately failed to investigate and arrest and in fact buried two separate, credible reports on this jackwad before the fact -- and they lied about the first one ("we couldn't find him") on top of it.  This just adds to the list of those who were grossly negligent and derelict in their duties.

Of course the knee-jerk "ban guns!" reaction and the scripted media crap, taking advantage of both teens and their parents, was to be expected.  But, as we're discovering quite quickly, and I'm sure there will be more, the truth is far worse: The people who's job it was, and who get paid handsomely to do that job, intentionally did not do so and as a direct and proximate result 17 people are dead.

Where are the firings and where are the indictments for this outrageous wanton and grossly negligent conduct?

Why is it that the students and parents are not picketing and demonstrating in front of the Broward County Sheriff's house and harassing him on a daily basis?  Why are not those same students raising Hell over their so-called "resource officer" who sat outside and let them be slaughtered when he had a firearm and the ability to interdict the shooter, that was in fact part of his job and now he's being allowed to resign and keep his retirement benefits.  By the way -- the tactical advantage that a rifle has mostly disappears indoors (it's actually got some disadvantages over a pistol inside a building, like deafening you instantly when fired, so Cruz wouldn't have heard the officer coming.)

Where is the outrage aimed at not only the FBI, which had not only every opportunity to get involved in this but also at the Broward Sheriff and, apparently, several deputies who had a credible felony assault complaint that carries a 10 year mandatory, serve every day prison sentence in this state and yet they did nothing.

Sheriff Israel is personally responsible for all 17 who are dead and I refuse to have any debate about anything further until he is run out of office, loses all privileges related to being a sheriff and is prosecuted, along with said deputies, for willful misconduct while in office.

In addition the Governor must waive Sovereign Immunity for him so he can be criminally charged as an accessory before the fact to all 17 murders.

Nobody in this nation should accept any call for anyone to get rid of any guns -- from anybody.


This incident makes clear that those charged with providing protection and who are paid very well to do so not only won't they will cower in fear when the flag goes up and then deflect attention from their own intentional misconduct.

Well, if that's the case, and we now have hard proof that it is, the only alternative is to be prepared to take care of business yourself -- everywhere and always.

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