Ok Kids, 21 It Is
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2018-02-22 12:47 by Karl Denninger
in Federal Government , 4579 references Ignore this thread
Ok Kids, 21 It Is
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But I will only accept it under one condition.  It's passed as a Constitutional Amendment and is a blanket change to the age of adulthood.

The following language is fine:

The age of adulthood, which shall be for all purposes, federal, state and local, has been determined by the people of the United States to be 21; prior to attaining the age of 21 years any person residing in or a citizen of the United States shall have their rights and responsibilities vest under their two natural parents or legally-appointed guardian(s), subject only to an individual petition for a single person approved by a court of competent jurisdiction.

So, here's what changes if you're not yet 21.

  • You can't own or buy a gun.  You can use a firearm under the direct supervision of your parents (e.g. while hunting, target shooting, etc) however they are legally responsible, criminally and civilly, for your use of same.

  • You cannot vote.  You are not a legal adult, and thus have no franchise until you reach the age of 21 years.

  • You cannot have an unrestricted driver license.  You can have a restricted one, as is the case now for 16 and 17 year olds, which among other things in most states prohibits use of the roads except to and from school from midnight until 5:00 AM.  Oh, and your parents can revoke it too on simple request to the DMV if they don't like how you drive -- or for any other reason.

  • You cannot get married.  You can't contract, and marriage is a contract.

  • You have no right to attend college on your own; your parents or guardian(s) are in sole control of your education.  Your parents have the absolute right to see all your transcripts, disciplinary records and otherwise.  They may enroll or withdraw you from an educational institution as they, not you, direct.  They get to choose where you live while in school, what program (major and minor(s)) you enroll in, etc.  Since there is no right to sexual contact prior to 21 no college will allow co-ed dorms for under-21 students, since doing so would expose them to charges of furthering sexual predators.

  • You have no right to independent medical decisions; that right and responsibility rests with your parents.  No more abortions, birth control, gender-bender stuff ("transitioning", etc) or similar without your parents' consent.  Your medical records, choice of treatment(s) and diagnostics are all the responsibility of your parents along with, of course, paying for same and they have the right to make said decision and be fully informed as to both your medical status and records.

  • The age of sexual consent is 21.  No "Romeo" laws are permitted.  Sleep with someone under 21 and you're a sexual predator and get listed on the offender registry if caught.  If both parties are under 21 then you both get charged and branded for life. You have no ability to consent to the most-awesome power that humans have -- to potentially create life, in short -- you've declared that you're mentally infirm to make serious life-and-death decisions and this is the most serious of said choices an adult can make.  If you can wait until you're 21 to own a gun you can wait until you're 21 to screw.

  • The age of ownership of property is 21.  Your parents are the legal custodians of all your property until age 21, as is the case right now for things like a UTMA account.  This extends to real estate, vehicles, bank accounts, credit accounts and similar.  Since you're not competent to contract you cannot hold title to any property, real or personal, in your own name until you're 21.

  • You lose "Obamacare" coverage under your parents at 21 too.  Not 26.  On the bright side you can buy your own Obamacare policy at 21, with your own money.  If you have any.

  • You cannot work at any "potentially hazardous" occupation until 21.  Today that age is 18; among other jobs you cannot hold are working at a service station convenience store, in any manufacturing or warehousing position, construction, operating machinery, operating a vehicle and similar.  None are available to you until you are mentally competent to judge the risks thereof, which means attaining the age of 21.

  • You do not have to have your parents consent or filings with universities after 21.  FAFSA terminates at age 21, as you are a legal adult.  Prior to that your parents are responsible for paying, but also get to choose.

  • You have a right to live under your parent's roof until 21 and may not independently choose where you live; that decision is theirs.  However, you have the responsibility to follow their rules until 21 as well.  Don't like it?  Too bad -- they can enforce said rules and there's nothing you can do about it.  If you run away or refuse to consent to and live under their rules you can be held legally responsible for that act and forcibly returned or incarcerated until your 21st birthday as "uncontrollable."

  • You cannot join the military until you are 21.  If you're not mentally competent to own a gun you're not old enough to be trained to go off and kill in the name of the United States.  That's simple.

  • You cannot legally drink.  Oh wait, we do that now.

  • You cannot legally buy tobacco or similar products.  A few places do that now, but most draw the line at 18.  It would now be 21 since you're not competent to make the decision at 18.  Getting caught with tobacco would be identical to getting caught with booze -- an offense for which you could face sanction.

And so on.

If you wish you may individually petition a judge to be declared an adult before you turn 21 -- and if successful you individually gain all the rights and responsibilities (including gun ownership, drinking alcohol and similar) of an adult.  Doing so immediately and permanently terminates all rights and responsibilities of your parent(s) or guardian(s) and vests them in you, exactly as would otherwise naturally occur on your 21st birthday.  The government would then issue you formal adult identification, and you could obtain an adult US Passport and state driver license documenting same.

However, no judge may issue any sort of blanket or "batch" order; all such petitions must be individual and delineate the explicit reasons why you are an exception to the Constitutional declaration of adulthood through clear and convincing evidence of your emotional and mental competence.

This is of course by Constitutional Amendment -- the only lawful means by which you can change or abrogate the Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment as it stands now.

This, unlike the other 50,000 gun laws, would actually be legal and if passed I suspect nearly everyone in the country would accept it.

I suspect you'd also see a hell of a drop in the birth rate, however....

To all those "kids" marching and cutting class while arguing for a baldly-unconstitutional law: Are you in favor of actually recognizing what you claim to be emotional and mental infirmity by those who are younger than 21 -- or are you a bigot and a liar?

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