Trump Wants To Ban Bump Stocks
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2018-02-21 10:48 by Karl Denninger
in 2ndAmendment , 164 references Ignore this thread
Trump Wants To Ban Bump Stocks
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This was an amusing headline....

Bump stock prices have spiked following President Trump's directive on Tuesday that the Justice Department draft regulations to ban the devices.

Bump stocks can be used to allow semi-automatic guns to fire at speeds similar to automatic guns.

After Trump’s proposed ban, bump stock prices quickly rose on the firearms auction website Gun Broker, Bloomberg reported.


These things destroy accuracy and basically turn what can be (in skilled hands) a precision target (or varmint) rifle into a big, loud noisemaker.  The Las Vegas shooter only got the mileage he expected from them because he was firing into a crowd where it was essentially impossible to miss and his skill, or lack thereof, was immaterial to the result.

So in terms of whether I personally care about such a "ban" or not, the answer is not since I cannot come up with a reason to want to own one of these things.  If I want a fully-automatic weapon I'd rather have that than a simulation of one, and fully-automatic weapons are in fact legal in most states if you go through the insanity of the required BATFE paperwork.

Why wouldn't I want a machine gun?  Because it consumes ammunition at a frightening rate -- sort of like how my large boat (45 Hatteras) consumed diesel at a frightening rate.  When I bought said boat fuel was a bit over a buck a gallon and I really didn't much care that it consumed 35 or so of them an hour when operating at "normal" speeds.

Then fuel prices went from a bit over a buck to north of three dollars, and suddenly I cared quite a bit.  The boat was sold.

The idea of going out to the range for a nice afternoon and turning $1,000 into shredded paper, noise and smoke just doesn't appeal to me all that much.  But there are people who don't care about the money; they like the shooting enough to pay what it costs to feed one of these things, so I say "big deal."  Never mind that only a couple of actual machine guns have ever been used in crimes in the last 50 years and one of those was in fact used by a cop!

But the principle of this -- that the words in the Second Amendment do not mean what they say -- which appears to be what Trump has decided, is an entirely different matter.  I note that in Las Vegas, while these things were used, they probably actually decreased the death count although they also probably increased the injury count since they increased the number of rounds fired.  Maybe.  Or maybe not; you can fire very rapidly using nothing but your finger too, although doing so will have a similarly-bad impact on accuracy.  Nonetheless aimed fire is more-deadly than not, and these things are in the category of "not" (as is rapidly using your finger.)

Well, except for a few people.  Like this guy.

That's a revolver.

It's also a hell of a lot of skill.

Does Trump -- or the BATFE -- intend to cut off his booger-snatcher?

So rather than address the actual issue when it comes to school shootings, which I remind you come down to two things: Psychotropic drugs and the fact and broadcasting that schools are "soft targets" where nobody is armed we have the usual mealy-mouthed garbage and more proposed laws to toss on the pile of 50,000 existing gun laws, nearly all of which are unconstitutional.

Rule of Law?  Bah.  As I pointed out before the election Trump cares not for the law, as he refused to take on the actual health care scams -- the myriad ones everywhere (more of which are in the pipe here at The Ticker, not that anyone in the law enforcement community gives a crap.)

How does it feel to have voted for Senator Palpatine, Trumpers?