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User Info Surveillance Capitalism?; entered at 2018-02-13 11:14:23
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Registered: 2017-06-27 The People's Republic of New York
there was a very large concern in the early days of the tech boom and 2000's that the microphone in the PC running the common OS's were doing the same thing absent any other software permitted to run on the system. there was always the concern as to what was actually running once the user installed some other mainstream piece of software and it is close to impossible to tell what it might be sending home via the internet. this is nothing new.

why is there not a major manufacturer willing to guarantee that their product is not doing this and what it actually does subject to auditing of its product.

simple, we are too lazy and distracted to notice and do something. as a parent, it was simple. while young the computer(s) were in a public place of the house and i was engaged with them a lot. some things were banned outright, AOL was the big hazard at the time. this ****hole had a lot of bad places a child could go. if you are engaged with your children when they are younger the teenage years are not dangerous and i was not concerned as much about their private activities. there were things that their peers (I ****ing hate this word.) were doing that they outright rejected on their own. What bothered me then and more now is the pervasiveness of this hazard, difficulty avoiding it. Much like parents were robbing their children of the learning that occurs through freedom thirty years ago, we run the risk of children not having the desire to explore and develop interests due to protecting them from this techno****.

the reason that this happened is that we did not protest as this was happening already decades ago. the tech is just making it easier. everyone was always concerned about their "record" when I was a teen and then we had to live with the whole credit report is your life **** with other data point tyranny in between. we got cooked slowly because we wanted to stay in the good graces for the sake of financial success. amazing what people will do for a few pieces of silver.
2018-02-13 11:14:23