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User Info Enough On Lincoln; entered at 2018-02-13 10:23:39
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Well, of course Slavery was ONE OF the reasons for secession.

HOWEVER, my riposte to that is "so what?"

Either the Revolutionary War was illegitimate OR SECESSION IS LEGITIMATE. You cannot have this both ways. The people either are the master of the government OR THEY ARE SLAVES. Again, you cannot have this both ways. If EVERYONE in a part of a nation is a slave DOES IT MATTER TO WHOM YOU ARE A SLAVE? Nope!

If it was legitimate for the Colonists to tell the King to******off, and enforce that with guns when he said "No" then it was ALSO legitimate for the Southern States to tell the North to******off, AND ENFORCE THAT WITH A GUN if the North refused to accept it.

And, I remind you, it wasn't necessary to use the guns -- nor were they used -- until the North sent a bunch of ships full of arms and men to Ft. Sumpter -- NOT just ordinary supplies.

The premise that one or more states does not have the right to say "NUTS!" to DC is horse****. The people ALWAYS have the right to do that as a collective.


It is that very premise upon which our nation rests; to deny it is to invalidate the United States as a Representative Republic in its entirety at which point we may as well start shooting now and get it over with since the alternative is that we are all slaves -- here, now and today.
2018-02-13 10:23:39