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User Info Glitch Eh? Uh huh....; entered at 2018-02-13 10:22:09
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Registered: 2017-06-27 The People's Republic of New York
regular people know about this type of scamming and have known for decades. in more pedestrian circles you can hear them discussing it and test the depth of their knowledge. in the coastal markets, especially mine own, this is common knowledge for the white working to upper class male. the reason that it is tolerated is cultural. people like winners above the honest including honest winners. it is a way of seeing their dis-empowerment rage at the system validated as someone puts something over on said system. additionally the bad boy winning is seen as strong as he is both bad and a winner. see what appeals to people in the cinema for validation of this point. much like the cinema there is a perception based in some truth that females gravitate towards winner bad boys. many men wish to be winners in these life venues, money, power and women. seeing the actions of others that break the rules is descending into a fantasy world for many people. it is a types of escapism much like the movies provide. the men scamming the markets have the perceived lives the frustrated people of the real world wish to live. thus, there is no chance that they will censure them as they would be censuring their own fantasy lives.

many people in law enforcement are as described here, perhaps more so as many acquaintances often say that everyone is corrupt. those with firsthand observation of the human condition, even more so.

so these little people do their little acts of corruption everyday, hiring illegals, cheating on their taxes, lying in many venues and see those that do it big time as validation of their decisions and successful people to be emulated. then they can feel good about putting one over on their neighbors. so what their neighbor was put out of business due to unfair competition in violation of the anti-trust laws. they can say that life is not fair and get to sound like good conservatives too.

when the culture is finished, no one cares about the enforcement of laws.
2018-02-13 10:22:09