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User Info Enough On Lincoln; entered at 2018-02-13 09:39:48
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Registered: 2011-04-08 Mass-Hole!
English pretty much single handedly wiped out and institution that had been with all humans since the damn of time.

And maybe not so ironically to the progressives, did it through the guise of unfettered capitalism/mechanization.

If slavery was REALLY the reason behind the Civil War, Then all Lincoln had to do was use Federal money to BUY UP all the remaining slaves and set them free. It would have been one hell of a lot cheaper than going to WAR.

This is an interesting option I'd never considered - a law making ownership of slaves illegal with a "buyout" provision that would pass 4th amendment muster should have been sufficient to put an end to any economic arguments.

2018-02-13 09:39:48