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User Info Enough On Lincoln; entered at 2018-02-12 21:43:42
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It's considered foolish to cite something that actually argues the opposing point, even in part...

Thus spaketh the poster's source wrote..

Yesterday, the Senator said, suppose we admit Kansas with the Le compton constitutionwhat guarantees are there that Congress will not again interfere with the affairs of Kansas? meaning, I suppose, that if she abolished slavery, what guarantee there was that Congress would not force it upon her again. So far as we of the South are concerned, you have, at least, the guarantee of good faith that never has been violated. But what guarantee have we, when you have this Government in your possession, in all its departments, even if we submit quietly to what the Senator exhorts us to submit to-the limitation of slavery to its present territory, and even to the reconstruction of the Supreme Court-that you will not plunder us with tariffs; that you will not bankrupt us with internal improvements and bounties on your exports; that you will not cramp us with navigation laws, and other law s impeding the facilities of transportation to southern produce? What guarantee have we that you will not create a new bank, and concentrate all the finances of this country at the North, where already, for the want of direct trade and a proper system of banking in the South, they are ruinously concentrated? Nay, what guarantee have we that you will not emancipate our slaves, or, at least, make the attempt? We cannot rely on your faith when you have the power. It has been always broken whenever pledged.

Oh, and you didn't answer the question presented. You thus earn an "F" for the attempted misdirection, unless of course you wish to answer the question I posed...... in which case your next post would be well-advised to do so, and that post should be fairly expeditious in its appearance.

Just in case you haven't paid attention, given your low post count (but long tenure) here, attempted misdirection tends to be a capital offense. Choose wisely.

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2018-02-12 21:43:42