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User Info Enough On Lincoln; entered at 2018-02-12 21:25:30
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My evidence that slavery was the primary reason for the war - and that the South fully expected to bring the North to its knees - is the Cotton is King speech of 1858 by Sen James Henry Hammond of SC (also formerly Gov and a major slaveowner). Technically the speech was in support of the Lecompton Constitution for the admission of Kansas as a state - and that issue split the Dems into Northern Douglas Dems and Southern Slaveowner Dems. Hammond was a leader of the group called FireEaters which drove secession. That group is only forgotten now because a)the South lost and needed a different rationale for the war and created the 'Lost Cause' mythology and b)many of the FireEaters themselves died during the war (NOT KIA though) or went into permanent exile after.

And they got non-slaveowning southern whites to do their bidding by creating what is now called the 'mudsill theory' (again from that speech) - that the existence of a mudsill class (black slaves in the South) allowed all other classes to refine/civilize/advance/etc. IOW - as long as slavery exists here, then you won't be the mudsill class. If it fails here, then you may well become the mudsill class just like white wage-laborers in the North.

That speech, along with the actual documents of secession, are easily the most overlooked documents of the time in history books. And they were well-known at the time - since Bleeding Kansas was where the Civil War really started - in 1854. Lincoln himself made a speech blasting the 'mud-sill theory'.
2018-02-12 21:25:30