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User Info Enough On Lincoln; entered at 2018-02-12 20:24:50
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I've read several Civil War books in the last year. I have no bias in the matter since I was not born here, and my country had slaves 2000+ years ago (and it wasn't even a country, just city-states).

It's clear to me that the war was fought for ideological dominance: An agrarian and somewhat aristocratic society, vs a mercantilistic/industrialist society.

Slavery was an issue, and it definitely was a serious issue leading to the war, but it was NOT the reason Virginia seceded. The secession of Virginia was the turning point, and Virginia seceded because Lincoln asked for 70.000 volunteers to INVADE the southern states that had seceded. Lee, Jackson & the rest decided to side with Virginia & the south for exactly that reason: they were defending their country.

In my eyes, Lincoln was a political bully that is responsible for the death of 1M+ million people, and for starting the massive centralization of power into the federal government.

Oh and by the way, the abolition of slavery was brought to the forefront in 1862, and the emancipation proclamation happened after Antietam. It was a political move intended to appease the radicalist section of the republican party, and a way to deter England & France from recognizing the Confederacy.

In my mind, aside from the issue of slavery, in every other aspect, the South was right.
2018-02-12 20:24:50