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User Info Surveillance Capitalism?; entered at 2018-02-12 14:39:49
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Registered: 2015-02-20 New Zealand
An interesting contrast between the generational differences, or just the capitulation, are the two films Ed TV (1999) and The Circle (2017). Both plots revolve around a corporation making an individuals life completely public 24/7. The resolution of the two films is worlds apart however.

Maybe it would be acceptable and fair if say everyone with a net worth over $500m had all their calls, email accounts etc made publicly available.

I mean imagine the conversation if a law like that was even floated.

Or if you own shares in a "surveillance capitalist" company same thing applies. That'd be good for stock prices.

Can the Amish even opt out of constant satellite surveillance?
2018-02-12 14:39:49