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User Info Surveillance Capitalism?; entered at 2018-02-12 12:41:22
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Registered: 2009-10-06 Msumelle, Ar
After reading you for a long time and your comments on firms like Facebook, Amazon, and Google and I have decided it's time to pull back form the web some.

So I am giving notice to my Facebook friends that I will closing my account. Facebook makes it hard to delete your account, told me it would take up to 90 days. I know that is a crock, just an excuse I am sure to continue to list me a as user for their purposes.

I am closing my Amazon account and not renewing my Prime Account. I can live without it. I am switching to Books A Million out of Birmingham, Alabama for my books and music needs, among others.

Google is a problem, while I can do without a G Mail account, I use YouTube quite a bit. So not sure on that one yet.

Frankly I have become, to a degree, bored with the Web. I might give up my Smart Phone if they would come out with a good Flip Phone that I could use. Best phones I had at one time were Sanyo and Samsung Flip Phones about 10 years ago.

The day is coming when I am going to buy a boat and sail out for other places of interest, if it will work out for me.

My theory for the last 20 years is that Technology will be our downfall. I think of the first part of Frank Herbert's book "Dune" where he talks about that very thing. Something to contemplate.
2018-02-12 12:41:22