The Truth About The Nunes Memo
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2018-02-02 12:31 by Karl Denninger
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The Truth About The Nunes Memo
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Let's boil the Nunes memo down for all of you who are screaming for heads -- but newly, just today.

First, there's the fact that the "Steele Dossier" was critical to the granting of a FISA court warrant.  The memo makes clear that absent the Dossier there would have been no warrant as the court would have refused to grant it for lack of evidence, no spying on the Trump campaign and no grounds for the current Mueller investigation.

Now that wouldn't by itself be enough to toss every single individual involved in the clink except for the following, which turns the above into a serious criminal felony that reaches everyone involved including quite-probably then-President Obama himself:

You see, the memo also documents that the FBI intentionally concealed the source and nature of the "Steele Dossier", including who paid for it, from the FISA Court Judges.  The DOJ officials knew the Steele Dossier was paid for by Democrats and intentionally failed to include that in both the original warrant and three renewals aimed at Carter Page.  Worse, the FBI had terminated Steele as an FBI source for unauthorized disclosures to the media months prior -- and didn't disclose that to the court either!  In short despite the DOJ and FBI knowing that Steele had a personal animus against Donald Trump's campaign, was financially motivated by the Democrats who were paying him, and in addition had been disqualified as an FBI source due to prior personal misconduct they intentionally concealed all three facts from the FISA court not just once -- but four times in total.

This standing alone is a crime; it constitutes not only obstruction of justice but also perjury, and is further fraud upon the court.

Attorneys and others presenting documentary evidence to a court have a duty before their client under the law.  Their first duty is to the integrity of the process itself.  It is a specific offense to fail to uphold that responsibility.

That, we now know, appears to have happened in this case.

But this case is not the first time.  In fact it has been the very process and procedure of not only the FBI and NSA in multiple cases, thousands of them yearly, but it is also the case that this is extraordinarily common in state and local investigations.

In 2013 I wrote on a case in a nearby county to where I live, in which the Sheriff's Office intentionally concealed how they obtained the information necessary to get a warrant, which led to an arrest for someone who had (and presumably was or was intending to sell) a large amount of marijuana.  The reason they concealed how they came by the information is that they knew they had broken the law and had they disclosed this fact their case would have instantly collapsed.  It was only through diligent work by the defense that the ruse was uncovered.  The accused walked as we have at least one honest Judge in the local area who refused to give aid and comfort to criminal violations of the Constitution by the cops.

This is not a singular case.  In fact it's utterly common for law enforcement at all levels to do exactly this sort of thing -- use an unlawful means to develop a case and then lie, generating a "parallel excuse" that leads them to the arrest.  This is not just an offense against the Constitution it is felony perjury as well when they lie in their pleadings and presentations to the courts of this nation.  While this act is most-common in drug cases it's hardly confined there.  All of this is illegal and yet not one cop has gone to prison -- although a few defendants that uncovered it before sentencing or appeal have had their convictions tossed.

The root problem is that you, America, will not get off your ass.  Where was the demand for everyone involved in that crap in 2013 to be fired and prosecuted?  It's not like I didn't report on that case or try to bury it, you know.  Nor was I the only one -- a local paper ran the story as well and thousands of subscribers read the article.

Suddenly you're outraged that this very same thing was done to a Presidential candidate.

These events happened because you failed to get out your pitchforks, torches and a demand for criminal prosecution and disbandment of all agencies involved in the thousands upon thousands of similar cases aimed at other people over the previous few decades.

It's certainly true that you don't want 100 kilos of heroin flooding your town.  But when you get down to it the process exists to conduct surveillance and obtain warrants legally for a reason -- it prevents perversions of justice and rank abuse exactly as appears happened in this case.  The law forbids intentional concealment as occurred here for that exact reason and it is the American public's refusal to call for prison terms and instant disbandment of all state, local and federal law enforcement agencies that have intentionally, wantonly and with complete disregard for the law engaged in such practices that led to this abuse.

If you are only upset about this because you like Trump then you're no better than they are, in that you're perfectly ok with so-called "law enforcement" committing felonies so long as "the right people" are arrested, charged and prosecuted.

Then there's Ari Fleischer, who says "that's not the FBI I know":

Based on my one and only experience with McCabe, it proved to me that he has a “circle the wagons and protect James Comey at all costs” approach that is inconsistent with the type of behavior our nation should expect from a man who, at the time, was leading the FBI.


The FBI I know is better than this.

No it's not.  In fact Ari Fleischer, who was the Press Secretary for George W. Bush, did this exact sort of corrupt thing dozens of times both during his tenure and both before and after.  Ari knows this -- factually.

The events that led to the Nunes memo would have never occurred had the public risen up a decade or more ago and demanded that this crap not only stop but also that the people doing it go to prison on pain of all of them, and their families, being unable to buy a gallon of gasoline, a single banana to eat or even manage to walk down the street without having the public at-large spit on their shoes and fly the bird in their faces.

Let me know when your attitude changes and you're willing to make that demand and back it up until every single one of these people are sitting in prison and their salaries, pensions and benefits are forfeit with said agencies shut down.