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User Info ROFL! 5yr P/E/G of 17?!; entered at 2018-01-12 22:02:04
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If I've got one bitch about WM, it's the ease of return/refund/no-receive help. The model seems to be to pass problems on to the 3rd party vender, whereas Amazon it's one or two clicks and your refund/return is processed.

With WM, you contact them, complain that "I didn't receive my thing".. they give you and email/phone. You email/phone the vender and try to resolve. If the vender is nowhere to be found, you go back to Wm and bitch again before getting your money back.

Not a huge deal, probably. As returns/no-receives are probably rare. But I hope they fix that.
2018-01-12 22:02:04