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User Info Practical Applications of HomeDaemon-MCP; entered at 2018-01-12 16:14:33
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I have never worked with home automation stuff but I was involved installing a building security system at my old job. I was basically my employers rep for the contractors, so I didn't know **** about what they were doing. We used almost like the military CAC cards for authentication using Xnodes to read the card and control the locks. It could do PIN, fingerprint and they promised iris in the future. The building alarm system was also tied into it. It was controlled by a linux server that communicated with one of the certificate outfits for card verification that weren't stored locally (like new employees transferring in - one time download)... I only saw the GUI front end because I had to basically input data for the initial setup. Anyways... the point is I think business or multi-unit housing would be more attracted to the security aspect. Like some high rise apartment complex in New York. It could either be a selling point or something they pay a monthly fee for. The building owner would purchase the product or rent yearly (adobe model). You could charge them monthly for how many "apartments" are active each month or some such. I've never run a business so don't listen to me if you don't think so.

edit. I forgot to mention they paid over $100k for the system. took two days to install using existing wire except trenched about 100 feet to parking lot gate.

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