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User Info Practical Applications of HomeDaemon-MCP; entered at 2018-01-12 13:55:04
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A little off topic, but since you have the security worked out, how about being able to host one's families email accounts on it? I think as people finally wake up to security overall, this will become more of a concern. Especially when "the true cloud" is finally revealed when the curtain is drawn back all the way.

@Nevertoolate - completely inappropriate to do that on a Pi. The Pi is a great embedded device, but for anything that requires volatile storage of any magnitude it's the wrong tool, even with a plugged-in external drive (which it can use.)

However, were someone to take the PCEngines unit (which if you remember I have offered to burn SD card boot images for a firewall application for the cost of the card and SASE), and which I use here for that purpose, that's another matter. That's a quite-high performance base level device that can support a mSATA SSD in the case. Now THAT would be a box that could easily handle such a job, plus it has two Gbps ethernet interfaces in it so it can also do the Internet firewalling stuff.

I use one here for my primary firewall and it's been an exemplary piece of gear. I love it; it's fanless, runs on 12V, has the AESNI instructions so encryption (e.g. VPN, GELI encrypted filesystem, etc) is extremely fast and has plenty of moxie generally plus it's reasonably cheap -- right around $100. HomeDaemon would easily run on it with a simple recompile; stuff a 120Gb mSATA SSD in there and you've got an extremely competent email gateway that could even handle Mobile Exchange (e.g. calendar, contact and email sync to mobile devices) as well.

$ uname -v
FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE #0 r312669M: Wed Jun 14 17:57:26 CDT 2017
$ uptime
12:57PM up 191 days, 2:29, 1 users, load averages: 0.13, 0.07, 0.07

That box runs my VPN gateway (both IPsec/IKEv2 and OpenVPN), IP firewall, does both Ipv6 and Ipv4 automatically grabbing both from the cable company and pushes updates to my primary DNS when addresses change, does time distribution, etc. It's the same firmware base I offered to put on SD for anyone who wants it; it's VERY solid. I don't run my email on there simply because there's no fixed storage in it and I already have the email server that has that loaded on it. But the slot is there inside the box to plug in an mSATA drive....

Whoever winds up with this code could very easily engage me on a contract basis to come up with a "combined" base load that did both. It wouldn't be very difficult at all.

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2018-01-12 13:55:04