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User Info Practical Applications of HomeDaemon-MCP; entered at 2018-01-12 13:43:53
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One quick note: my Foscam cameras have the ability to email/text pics upon motion intrusion along with capturing a short video and sending via FTP to an offsite location (in the event the intruders grab the camera(s) and take the SD card with it or they find/take the computer equipment with said video). This all assumes Internet connectivity of course!

@Joryhoffman - Two problems with those Foscams. First, they like to talk to "momma" a lot, and "momma" is in China. With a Chinese certificate that doesn't validate here. Nervous? Why yes, yes I am.

Second, "motion detect" on the cameras themselves are nearly worthless. The reason is that they don't actually detect motion like a PIR does (IR signature changes); they instead detect differences in the *frame*. That is a HUGE problem because it generates a monstrous number of "trips" that are false; a change in the sunlight pattern through the window from a cloud passing by will set it off.

The HomeDaemon-MCP code can accept a "trip" from the Amcrest camera line, but you'll generate a LOT of false trips if you do that on motion. Better is to put a PIR up covering the camera's field of view and use HomeDaemon to tell the camera to snapshot (which it knows how to do) when the PIR triggers.

The code also knows how to accept a trip based on sound level changes (which the Amcrest can monitor), attempted hackery into the camera, "obscured" sensor conditions (which also falses a lot and is not to be relied upon!) and, in the case of the Amcrest units, the dry contact sensor on the back (which is VERY useful if you have a contact closure somewhere to monitor and don't want to buy another sensor -- for example, on a door or window.)

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2018-01-12 13:43:53