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User Info Practical Applications of HomeDaemon-MCP; entered at 2018-01-12 13:34:20
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As you know I have always been curious about this. Originally I thought the main selling point was the encryption/security point. Which I believe the general public doesn't give a **** about. Which limits your valuations.
This helps explain the practicality of the system in other ways.

@Maynard - Yep. You have no idea how convenient it is to just walk around your home, doing your thing, and not pay a bit of attention to any sort of energy management (e.g. turning on and off lights), comfort and convenience or security issues at all.

It just does it on its own; in the evening I don't want to be blasted with high level lighting everywhere (EVERY modern house I've seen is DRAMATICALLY over-lit "as built") but then again I want to be able to easily override it too (e.g. I'm working on something in the living room and want the lights all the way up so I can see the back of the stereo's connector panel, etc.)

The security enhancements are nice as well, especially the automation of it. I used to, many years ago, have an alarm panel. It was a pain in the ASS, and I got fined a couple of times for false alarms too. None of that now; it's entirely automatic and it notifies ME with what tripped and, if I want, I can immediately look at either the snapshot (still) or pull up video. If the ****ing cat got up on the curtain bracket and stuck its face in the "pet proof" motion detector I don't get a $50 surprise from the local gendarme. On the other hand if it IS a burglar I got his ugly ass on video and/or still photos, and when I call the cops I can tell them exactly who to look for. They'll show up a hell of a lot faster if you tell them you can SEE the ****er ripping off your TV as well and if they get there now they WILL catch him.

Trust any or all of this to the Googleplex? **** no. IF connectivity goes down? It all still works locally, of course, since it is NOT dependent on any such "cloud".
2018-01-12 13:34:20