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User Info Fish! Fish, I Tell You, FISH!; entered at 2018-01-12 10:14:49
Posts: 98
Registered: 2012-08-02
May as well go all in and call it......

The Squicken Blockchain LLC or
SSU Blockchain LLC (Skittle ****ting Unicorns)


It appears we are already at the mania stage already when you have someone using

I hope you make millions and millions on your code and setup.

It would only be a small down payment on the value of all your teachings and the exposure of the extraction schemes, theft and corruption that surround us in everything.

I simply can't believe the lack of critical thinking by the general public on these matters.

I recently had the opportunity to point out an extortion/extraction scheme (buy our product or face financial damages from not using our product) in a modest group setting (maybe 120 people or so) Sure did change the tone of the meeting. I doubt many saw it that way as they are mostly koolaid drinkers but it sure made some presenters awfully nervous fielding my questions.

Thanks again for the education.

2018-01-12 10:14:49