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User Info The Caution Light Is Lit; entered at 2018-01-12 09:26:18
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Registered: 2010-12-21 Canada
Like you've said before: the markets are all running on the temporary steam called "human psychology", it is growing because the majority of folks think that way (and so they continue to buy). Sure if one looks there's still old fashioned ingenuity out there, entrepreneurial go getem', smart investment, and eventual profits... but nowadays, the ponzi scheme mentality is the lie that everybody believes and that is what is driving it all. As you say, the math doesn't work. But... squirrel! ("Where???")
I've been listening to you since '08, you are right on many things.
Thanks for sharing about the online advertising price change, good to know.
2018-01-12 09:26:18