Fish! Fish, I Tell You, FISH!
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2018-01-12 06:36 by Karl Denninger
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Fish! Fish, I Tell You, FISH!
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Nobody pays any attention to the "little" shake they feel.

Then, it suddenly looks too easy.  There are fish all over the bottom of what was just out from the beach, and they're flopping around -- there's no water, and it's easy.  Dinner is there for the taking; no baiting hooks, no fishing, no risk.

Just go pick 'em up.

Go right ahead folks.  Do it.  Amazon to $10,000/share.  Microsoft, oh, why not $500?  Netflix? Never better; there are 500 million people in the US, you know, so they should double -- at least -- again.  Facebook?  It'll double -- this year.  Same with Google.  Apple?  To $10,000.  And bitcoin?  Easily $500,000.

Buy now or get priced out.

Yeah, ok.

Read this one folks.

Kodak.  You know, the film company?  Yes, Kodak.  Renting bitcoin mining machines.  At a price that virtually guarantees you will lose a lot of money.  Instead of being panned their stock skyrocketed.

I'm changing the name of my LLC, by the way.  It's Cuda Systems, and if you buy HomeDaemon from me to put on the market and sell (look to the right and click the "must read" article; that one has a link to a back-of-the-envelope guess on how nicely that could work out for you) the most tax-efficient way is for me to sell you the LLC.  Which I'd be happy to do.

But since I only want a reasonable amount of money for the code and a latent patent that I'll be filing just before we do the deal, I'm going to do something else first.

I'm changing the name to "Cuda Blockchain LLC".

The price is now $20 million, not $1.5, and you really should buy it today -- or get priced out forever.

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