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User Info There Is Only One Business: SCAM; entered at 2018-01-11 18:03:22
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I use to go to Sam's once a month in the middle 90's I was at their store in South Austin. Most of my stuff was taxable, but copier paper was not (under the current law because it was used in a component that was later taxed). So I had a resale certificate and would save my non taxable stuff for the end of checkout.

I was checking out and was ready to write a check and they said, I needed to wait. I asked why? They said it was something from the accounting office. My resale certificate renewed several months later and I always brought the new one for them to have on file. So that wasn't it.

I waited about 10 minutes and some idiot said that I had been "randomly" chosen for a Sam's Club "internal" sales tax audit. I asked him what for and he said that's the way we do business. I told the cashier to charge me tax on everything and then could they hand me the pair of scissors next to the cash register. I cut my Sam's card into two pieces and said, "That's the way I do business!" and never bought a damn thing ever again at Sam's. I will be glad when they close them all.
2018-01-11 18:03:22