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User Info There Is Only One Business: SCAM; entered at 2018-01-11 17:41:40
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It's because US,inc is controlled by mafia gangsters. Just drill down into where the puppets come from and you will see the bloodlines. All these secret societies are just fronts for the real power. JFK knew. As long as this fraudulent market keeps goin' up the masses will not do a dang thing. The PTB know this so the corps can get away with bloody murder. What the sheep don't realize is that they sold out their kids and grand kids.

I don't believe amazon, facebook, or google were grassroots startups. Evidently, the patents for facebook code were prolly stolen. Google was funded by DARPA from what I have read. Nonetheless, the ethnicity of the CEO's is quite telling.

They will start any war whenever they want because the sheep will look the other way as long as it doesn't affect them personally. As long as the market keeps goin' up the hell with the neighbor. How long has US,inc been at war? For as long as it's existed? This "country" is truly messed up. SAD. Go down the rabbit hole if you dare and you will see. The lies go all the way back to the cradle. Problem is the masses are addicted to the illusion.

2018-01-11 17:41:40