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User Info There Is Only One Business: SCAM; entered at 2018-01-11 14:01:10
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My guess is that Amazon has set up entities in every jurisdiction that do not have nexus with that particular taxing authority. They merely route the transaction through the one closest to the purchaser that is not required to collect sales tax. FU Jeff

@Nevertoolate That's felony tax evasion and Bezos needs to go to prison.

I explored all of the avenues in this regard back in the 1990s and there were NONE that my corporate counsel was willing to opine on that did not end in some version of "go to prison", "get sued out of existence" or both.

The only reason Spamazon is doing this is because NOBODY GOES TO ****ING JAIL anymore if you're a big company whether what you're doing is illegal or not.
2018-01-11 14:01:10