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User Info There Is Only One Business: SCAM; entered at 2018-01-11 11:57:47
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Those of us that sell online and have to pay full cost postage have realized how much this is killing our business. I hope that Trump's comments about the USPS gain some traction, but have little faith due to the swamp keeping the status quo going for the big guys like Amazon.
Earnings will start shortly again and the lies and fraud will persist. How many of the retailers will include returns in their "announced" numbers? Most will use their non-GAAP accounting tricks to bury any losses they incur due to returns.
On the healthcare side, I found that my lovely $5,000 deductible renewed and my therapy was no longer covered. They wanted $80.00 minimum per session, so it's time to go it alone. Paying $800 a month for the BS insurance is costly enough.
Just think if the accident happened in late November or December.

2018-01-11 11:57:47