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User Info If The Bond Bull Market Is Over....; entered at 2018-01-10 12:43:14
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Even if rates were to stay the same, one will have to make it the "good old fashioned way" by earning it. Even playing with pro forma versus GAAP won't do it. Not sure anyone knows how to truly make money without running some kind of a scam or fraud. Going to get interesting fast.

This is the catch we all see. If things are "over levered" and I think they are, then there are enough debtors out there who can't survive without continued injections of money, to sink the system. Once they don't get their free money the domino effect starts and the party is over for everybody.

It is the people/companies who can't tread water who will sink the system because everyone else is to leveraged to absorb their defaults.

2018-01-10 12:43:14