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User Info If The Bond Bull Market Is Over....; entered at 2018-01-10 12:04:01
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@Nevertoolate - There is a zero chance of anyone in America managing to get rid of enough of the guns and ammo that are currently spread around the country to be able to materially change that over generational time frames.

Now in another hundred years or so, maybe. Of course I'll be long dead by then and so will my kid, so I don't give a **** about THAT sort of timeline.

On a shorter timeline, however -- certainly anything in my remaining life, and probably anything in hers, any such attempt that tries to materially further expand what was already done in the 2008 timeframe runs an extremely high risk of generating an awful lot of formerly-middle-class people who then have exactly nothing left -- and thus nothing to lose. A very large percentage of those people do and will own the means of deciding they're going to cast one final vote, and it's not going to be in a ballot box. Odds are they'll get better than even money on the expenditure of their life too.

This, in the end analysis, is the constraint on such behavior by the government. As the leverage is cranked higher so is the amount required to make it work "again." The check and balance on the last round was suppressed but the last round never really threatened to invoke the "nothing to lose" problem among the general public -- it was banksters and their pals who were about to be under the table and have nothing left to lose, and there simply aren't enough of them to produce mass unrest. They could have all gone postal and the FBI and ordinary Americans could have killed and eaten them all in an afternoon. But there WERE plenty of those ****ers to bribe, cajole and threaten Congress (e.g. Hanky), which is exactly what they did.

THIS TIME the crank has been turned too far for that to work because if you try it again virtually the ENTIRE middle class is wiped out. The poor already are there but they've both been placated with welfare and don't have enough of both moxie and guns to decide to shoot in the first place, other than at each other (which the gang-bangers do all the time.) In addition a huge percentage of them are too drunk, wasted on opiods or similar to get off their ass and be motivated enough to do it even if they own the means. Spread that from the gang-banger class into the 80%ish of society that makes up the middle class, however, especially the young middle class, and it's all over for the big guys at the top as exactly ZERO of them below the President and perhaps a few top cabinet officials maintain enough security in terms of perimeter and constraints (mostly because they won't tolerate living that way, even if the government pays for it) to matter.
2018-01-10 12:04:01