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User Info If The Bond Bull Market Is Over....; entered at 2018-01-10 10:48:50
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One of the things I like about Market Ticker is the No Bull**** way Karl lays things out and many of the posters here are able to shine light in the corners that could not be covered in a single ticker and we are able to see how things are affected by their shared experiences.

Once you see the truth you cannot un-see it except for willfully lying to yourself.

I do not claim to be the sharpest card in the tool shed, and even before 2007 I could see the writing on the wall as far as people taking on debt. And I am not even close to being surprised that Intel and other chips are compromised. If we send the production of our commodities to a foreign country, who happens to be our enemy, what do we expect in return.

But now what?

Let's say the Bond Bull Market truly is over.

Now what?

Price of everything collapses, cars, houses, education becomes worthless. For those hoping gold, silver or bitcoin will be your meal ticket - Good Luck.

I know my questions are rhetorical as even the best laid and thought out scenarios are only theory based, the world has never been so connected and in debt all at once. In 2007-08 I never expected QE to be able to keep things a float like it did.

Now what?

Does the Fed and our government and the world government push the two and five year debt into 15, 20 and 30 debt? Or do they create 50 year or longer debt? How much time does that buy them?

Fortunately thanks to the Market Ticker, (Not just Karl but those who participate with their insight)I have been able to keep my resolve in not taking on ANY debt. It has not been easy and or fun, especially when you can see others partying naked in the moon light - It looks like so much fun.

If the Bond Bull Market is over for the U.S. it is over for the world's bond market. Does the Congress take on more debt? How much time does that buy us?

It looks like to Bond Police just might be at the neighbors moon light party and about to break it up, what happens when all those drunken louts stumble into the streets?

Curious times.
2018-01-10 10:48:50