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User Info Jail. Now.; entered at 2018-01-09 20:25:17
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Smitty posted from a websource:

"The Court needs to put a stop to these illegal theories and defenses in order for the government to receive a fair trial. The government, too, is entitled to a fair trial."

Excuse me but what the **** is an illegal theory or defense? Sounds like suppression of free speech by jack booted government thugs to me.

I remember the Weaver incident. Those FBI people in charge should have been toasted in the electric chair for murder. Every person that fired a shot should be in prison for not less than life for conspiracy to commit murder. The same applies in the Bundy case.

Was their some private entity that actually wanted Bundy's land and the BLM was simply their way to steal it. I seemed to recall some private parties wanting land in the Ruby Ridge atrocity.

2018-01-09 20:25:17