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User Info Jail. Now.; entered at 2018-01-08 15:31:32
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Registered: 2010-11-02 Dallas, TX
Dismissed with prejudice therefore no re-trial (although I think the *.gov can appeal that decision if they want to). We have come a long way since Waco, but obviously the FBI and the justice department still have a gob of bad actors in senior positions who prefer vigilante justice to following the rules.

I would still be surprised if Sessions' investigation does anything other than ruin a few low level guys' careers while the senior people in the US Attorney's office will probably skate off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. This is all crazy since the government had a decent case to begin with and had no reason to conceal evidence other than having the hubris that they wouldn't be caught this time.

In the first episode of "Ozark", the drug lord is hypothetically asking the protagonist and his friends what they would do if they owned a small store and caught an employee stealing petty cash from the cash register. The other two friends replied that they would give the cashier a second chance, while the protagonist replied that if he was able to catch her stealing, then certainly that was not the first time she had stolen so therefore she should be fired. Obviously the drug lord preferred the protagonist's response as the other two friends were quickly dispatched into drums full of acid. This was certainly not the first time this US attorney's office engaged in dirty pool, and the whole place should be cleaned out immediately. Thank goodness that an Obama appointed judge was willing to go the distance in issuing a with prejudice ruling.

It turns out all of the knucklehead militia guys actually did something good this time by escalating the situation and forcing the government to show its ill-gotten hand...kudos to them. Hopefully this is the end of FBI/BLM/ATF/et al "show of force" theatrics for matters that are mostly civil.
2018-01-08 15:31:32