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User Info Take Your Virtue Signalling And Shove It; entered at 2018-01-08 11:04:45
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Registered: 2010-12-29 arkansas ozarks
I haven't watched a single TV show, whether over streaming or on the air, in more than two decades and that's not going to change. The content is trash and the political and business environment behind it are worse.

Not to mention the brainwashing that goes on,

I put up an antenna , a Yagi tuned for the PBS station fifty miles away.
Wednesday is my TV night.
Nature always has spectacular photography . NOVA is always interesting, last couple weeks' shows on Hubbel telescope and Votager satellites were just fabulous.

But i wrote PBS telling them that until their "War on Trump" ceases i am sending their annual membership dollars to NRA instead.

2018-01-08 11:04:45